The Cause


Cultivating a supportive and sustainable music scene in Columbus

In 2018 we created The Patchbay Columbus, a music blog and website with the purpose of highlighting and empowering the musicians of our city and beyond. We believe in the intrinsic value of art and the importance it has in all of our lives. We also believe in creating a culture that is supportive of our local artists and a community within which they can build their careers. Our mission is to empower musicians by inspiring them, providing them with paid opportunities to play, and connecting them with the resources necessary to facilitate their careers. The Patchbay is our platform for doing so. Through The Patchbay’s website and events, we hope to further build a collaborative music community that makes success in music a possibility for all who are willing to work hard to make it happen.

Cultivating a culture of kindness and inclusiveness

Do you remember the days in elementary school gym class when the parachute was busted out and it was the greatest time ever?  In 2014, Ron Holgado took one of these parachutes to Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival to remind everyone that the little kid in us all still exists. A movement was born, and since then the Roochute has made appearances at music festivals and events across the world. Everywhere it goes it acts as a symbol highlighting the importance of mental health in our personal lives. He and his team facilitate and empower meaningful dialogue surrounding acts of kindness, gratitude, community, and self-care. Additionally, Roochute also creates conversations about preventative mental health and self-care through social media.

Through collaboration with Ron and his team, we aim to instill the values and positive vibes of the Roochute movement into The Patchbay Music and Arts Festival. We hope to bring the community together and create an atmosphere that radiates positivity, leaving attendees with an enduring sense of well being.

Cultivating an understanding of mental health within our community

Mental health underlies our well being, yet it’s often overlooked and misunderstood. It’s time that we break the stigmas held against mental health and raise awareness of the importance it has in all of our everyday lives.

Did you know that 1 out of 5 children are living with a mental illness and less than half of them will get the treatment they need? Or that ~50% of mental illnesses begin before the age of 14?

Nationwide Children’s Hospital understands this problem, and they’re working to do something about it. Their On Our Sleeves campaign, the first large scale pediatric mental health campaign of its kind, is intended to promote awareness and raise funds for their initiatives. Their goal is to create a network of support for the families dealing with mental illness by addressing the stigmas associated with mental illness and proving the tools necessary to improve outcomes. They’re developing a model for care and research that will expand clinical access, develop targeted prevention efforts, and better our understanding of the causes and treatments for mental illness.

We at The Patchbay are passionate about this cause, and we want to help do something about it. So we’ve started a campaign of our own. We’re calling upon the artists and individuals of Columbus to join our team as we spread the word and fundraise for this cause. If you’re an artist who’s interested in joining the movement please head over to our “Support” page to learn how!