The Basement


The underground has long been a place for the dwelling of musicians who choose the freedom of raw artistic expression instead of softening the edges of their creations. A place sustained only by artists and fans who resist the ease of conformity and instead descend into a diverse world of self-expression. As the name implies, The Basement is a physical manifestation of these ideals.

The dark void buried within these cement walls feels like the place your parents forbid you from going. That place beholding nothing more than repulsive music and bad influences. This is quite possibly the reason this venue has such an appealing atmosphere, but it's the up and coming artists who come from near and far that get the molecules moving and bring this place to life.

The basement is the next stop for musicians taking the first steps out of their garages and dive bars to make a name for themselves. Here you'll find those local acts you keep hearing about and the bands you've stumbled across in the far corners of your Spotify discovery feed. The Basement has no dedication to any specific genre, only to those with innovative sound and the potential to kick ass. 

Within this rowdy chamber, you'll undoubtedly facilitate some hearing loss, but you may just also discover your new favorite band. Or perhaps play the show that'll give you the recognition you need for that next breakthrough.