The Artists



Garage Soul

Columbus, Ohio

After a three-year long solo endeavor on the west coast where she released her first self-produced EP help., the summer of 2015 found Carly Fratianne stumbling wearily home to the embrace of the Columbus music scene, where she immediately began writing for a second solo album. 

As her project was nearing its completion in the early weeks of 2016, a chance encounter brought Carly together with drummer Jack Lynch and bassist Alex Randall.

In an evening, Souther was born.

With a breadth of songs spanning from soulful R&B to gritty garage rock, the four tasked themselves with breathing new life into Fratianne's arrangements, establishing an urgent and compelling sound tinted with a warm, patient sincerity.

In the years since, Souther has released 'Is For Lovers' and 'Blume', cultivating a unique sound defined by the powerful, blues-inspired grit, driving rhythms and Fratianne's evocative, tactile singing.

Delivered with striking conviction, her lyrics bow to the weight of her experience.

For Carly, music has always been both cause and effect, carrying her ever deeper into the danger from which it's never faltered as refuge.

Zoo Trippin’


Columbus, Ohio

Zoo Tripping’ was founded in 2014 when guitarist Lynn Rose III and vocalist Tony Casa started a new project with drummer Steven Hatmaker after leaving their retrospective projects. Three releases later, the band picked up guitarist Zachary Pontzer (ex-Sassafraz) and bassist Alex Kessis (ex-Personal Public). The group holds true to its Blues/Rock roots but is now off in a new direction, adding a more funk/alternative element to their latest tunes.

In 2018 the band is celebrating the release of The Sonny Black EP as well as a second b-side collection entitled T-sides. Next year they are set to release much more material in the form of videos, singles, and a new full length album. ZT will also be hosting their own festival as well as releasing a documentary.

Zt has played all over the US with acts such as Jack White, Third Eye Blind, Fetty Wap, Incubus, T-Pain, Gris, and many more.

The Broken Relics

Southern Tinged Alternative Rock

Columbus, Ohio

The Broken Relics was born first as an idea to guitarist Zachary Warmouth in the early days of 2015, but it quickly became the moniker of his novel musical endeavor. Zach began writing and crafting his sound while trying to find members who were on board with where the train was going. It wasn't until three years and a few lineup changes later that Zach found himself writing music with his younger brother, and now vocalist/rhythm guitarist, Bryce. Their shared blood and taste in music made for a distinct chemistry shared vision between the two.

Shortly after, Zach's hometown friend and college roommate Alex Jakovina stepped in on bass, and drummer Zachary Potkanowicz was recruited by Bryce. The Broken Relics were now a band. The four, along with the help of producer and friend Brent Vaughan, began crafting a sound they describe as classic rock infused Kings of Leon with a blend of southern twang and northeast Ohio grit. With half the band living in Columbus and half living their hometown of Austintown, Ohio, the four spent most of 2018 driving back and forth to practice and ultimately write their debut EP With Reverence which is to be released in Spring 2019.

It's been years in the making, but The Broken Relics are just about ready to kick up some dust and rattle the floorboards. 

Fifth & Aurora

Indie Rock Amalgam

Youngstown, Ohio

Fifth & Aurora is an American indie/alternative band from Youngstown, OH. The band consists of Lou Rivera, Daniel Anderson, Dan (Dahnji) Hobel, James Greenawalt and Ben Greenawalt. F&A was formed by lead vocalist/pianist Lou Rivera in the winter of 2016 and through multiple member changes, began performing in the summer of 2017. The band is currently in the process of releasing their first album some time in the year of 2019. It is being recorded and produced by producer Josh Walls at JAW Studios in Niles, OH. Fifth & Aurora has just released their first single ‘somewhere.” and can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. In the meantime, check out some videos of Fifth & Aurora on YouTube as well as photos and updates on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Thomas and the Work-men


Columbus, Ohio

Thomas and the Work-Men bring forth an undeniably funky blend of rock, jazz, and hip-hop that makes dancing impossible to resist. Their music feels like a refreshing breeze on a hot summer day and plays best with the windows down. They’re newish to the Columbus music scene, but they’re creating a well deserved buzz with their electrifying shows and a two-part album which they released earlier this year.

Forever Unknown


Columbus, Ohio

forever unknown is a 98.9% alternative band from ohiyuh made up of the five coolest people ever to exist. they have some pretty cool songs (they think). lead singer micah is kind of obsessed with the concept of time, and (mostly) guitarist blake once said he was ambidextrous but there hasn’t been any actual evidence. (mostly) other guitarist jacob spent way too much money on fancy speakers for his car. evan (mostly drummer) and sully (mostly bassist) have the same brain and are almost never more than 5 feet apart.