Black Friday Record Store Day 2018

Record Store Day is typically the third Thursday in the month of April and is a day full of limited release records, one off records, and anything and everything vinyl. This past April I went out at the butt crack of dawn to try and secure some very awesome records, it was a success. I got most of everything I wanted and I only went to two stores. I chose Lost Weekend Records and Used Kids. Both of these stores have great customer service and really try and help you as much as possible when you’re trying to find the record “Africa” by Toto that’s shaped like the continent of Africa.

This year Record Store Day is having a black Friday event. (This may or may not be the first year for the black Friday sale; it is just the first time I will be participating.) Again if you are in Columbus and reading this, I would recommend Used Kids and Lost Weekend. The staff at these two locations are wonderful. There are of course a handful of other record stores in the city that will be having deals as well. Spoonful, Records per Minute, Magnolia Thunderpussy, to name a few. Personally I am looking for the following:

Collective Soul: Hints, Allegations and the Things Left Unsaid

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band: Almost Acoustic

Manchester Orchestra: The Black Mile Demos

Talking Heads: Remain In Light

The Mamas and the Papas: The Complete Singles

BORNS: Live At Amoeba Music in Hollywood

Sublime: Greatest Hits

Ray LaMontagne: Spotify Singles 

For a complete list of records and stores be sure to check out the record store day website.

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