Columbus's Weed Demon Opens Portal to Hell

Over the years, as my youthful angst has mellowed, I've drifted away from the heavier realm of music that once dominated my iPod playlists. Until recently that is. My friend Andy, with his ripped sleeve denim jacket and countless patches of obscure metal bands, did a solid job of rekindling my interest in the brutality metal has to offer. More precisely, stoner metal, a genre I had not given much attention to in the past. With my new found love for the impossibly slow and impossibly heavy sounds of the stoner doom realm, I became his plus one for Columbus metal shows.

Most recently, we caught Bong Ripper and Columbus based Weed Demon at the Ace of Cups. I hadn't listened to Weed Demon before that night, but after being relentlessly beaten down by their earth-shaking riffs, they had my attention. Stoner/Doom metal has the same cerebral quality of psychedelic rock in the sense that it puts one in a trance-like state where you become consumed by the perpetual rhythm of a fat fuzzy guitar riff. When effectively done, stoner/doom metal should hit you as one unstoppable force and should progress through time as if it were being played from the event horizon of a black hole. By those terms, Weed Demon did justice for the genre. With each chord progression came an increase in gravitational force as if Hell itself was beckoning you to the ground. The guttural yet shrill vocals maintained the sinister aura that hovered above the bass riddled floor. 

All in all I enjoyed the four song set. Four songs may not sound like much but you have to realize that this is a genre where the intros of songs are longer than most songs from any other genre. Their performance was well executed, loud as all hell, and brutal enough to get Andy's thumbs up. I certainly look forward to catching them again, but next on the metal lineup is Monolord at Ace of Cups on August 27th. Opening acts on the bill include Columbus's Pale Grey Lore and Reflex Machine. All set up to be a real crunchy time.