CD102.5 Day 2018: Franz Ferdinand, The Glorious Sons, lovelytheband, Tourist Trap


by Brian Stalter


When the lineup came out for the 2018 edition of CD 102.5 Day I was excited I would finally be going to see Franz Ferdinand. I had heard a few songs from the other acts, but it was FF I was there to see. I have been a fan of Franz Ferdinand since “Take me Out” came out in 2004. The show on April 14th, 2018 was almost 15 years in the making. And it did not disappoint!

Upon arriving at Express LIVE! my buddy and I were introduced to The Glorious Sons (We unfortunately missed the local opener Tourist Trap). I will admit I had only heard their song, “Everything is Alright” a few times prior to this show. I really like that song and I'll listen when it's on the radio, but these guys are rockers through and through. I will also admit that we got to the show a bit late and only heard their last three songs, one of them being the single I mentioned earlier. I was in awe when these guys finished their set. I was completely unaware this was the show we were going to get. After hearing them play a stripped down acoustic set earlier in the day, I was almost shocked at how they turned it around for the big show. I really wish I had gone earlier so I could catch the whole set.

The third band to take the stage that Saturday night were newcomers lovelytheband. I had heard their song “Broken” on Pandora a few months before the show and instantly liked it. It almost reminded me of early Walk the Moon. I was hooked. Lovelytheband hails from Los Angeles and bring high energy to their show. The set was only about 8 songs which included some new music and some covers. I was especially pleased with their cover of “Pony” by Ginuwine. It was an odd choice coming from an alt-rock band, but these guys brought it. It really got me and I think the crowd going for the rest of the night. Another highlight of the show was learning that on Saturday April, 14th 2018 their single “Broken” had reached the top of the Billboard alternative rock charts. It was really cool seeing the band and their manager celebrate a pretty big achievement!

Franz Ferdinand came out swinging with the title track from their new album Always Ascending. This song really reminds me of the old Franz Ferdinand music I was listening to in high school. I was a little shocked they decided to open with it, but it did set the tone for what would be a great alt-rock concert. The show kept rocking with hits like “No You Girls” and “Do You Want To”. Both of these songs were choices I was really looking forward to and extremely glad I got to hear live. As the show came to an end they played the song that got me hooked in the first place. Their huge hit “Take Me Out” was something else. I had been patiently waiting all evening for this song and they did not disappoint. At one point the whole band lined up on stage and rocked out to an extensive solo. It was really something to see these guys still rocking after all these years. The band then played a few more songs as an encore before closing the show with “This Fire”. Man oh man. This song was the best of the night in my humble, yet often accurate opinion. This song put a cap on a great night of rock and roll.

It was special to see the crowd that CD 102.5 brought with this lineup having such a fun time. I would recommend heading to a CD 102.5 day show the next time you get the chance. The shows are so well run, that it really makes a difference in the concert going experience. So with that being said, Thank you CD 102.5 for putting on a hell of a show this spring. I can’t wait to see what they put on in the summer. Summerfest or Fallfest?!?!