Winterfest 18: Getting Personal in the Park with Rayland Baxter

My dog Otis. Check out his Pawdcast.

My dog Otis. Check out his Pawdcast.

I’m not sure what we all expected from an outdoor show on the first day of December in central Ohio, but to me 45 and rainy was a real delight. It could have been 35 and raining which would have actually sucked. But I can’t pretend I didn’t let the rain damper my day. I would have liked to enjoy the full Winterfest experience but I only emerged from my den to catch Rayland Baxter, whom I’ve been itching to see for sometime now. I hear that Mistar Anderson and Theo’s Loose Hinges are a treat to see live so I wish I had been a little more ambitious. I’d like to think they absolutely killed it though, for the few who may have been their to witness.

Despite the rain and what I believe to be a smaller attendance than expected, Rayland Baxter took the stage and put on a stellar performance. Sure, their gear seemed to be getting dangerously wet and they were playing without feeling in their fingers, but Rayland and the gang put on a great show covering some of my favorites from across their discography. To the 20 of us in attendance, it really was a unique experience. Being able to see one of my favorite newer-ish artists in the park with my dog and fiancé on a Saturday afternoon with a small crowd was f***ing awesome. Seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take my dog to a Rayland Baxter show again. He won’t stop barking about how much fun he had.

I love that this show was made free for us by the Parks Department (I mean sure our taxes paid for it, but it felt free). We’re lucky to live in a city that’s able to get artists like Rayland Baxter to agree to an outdoor show on December 1st. Of course it was December 2nd that was a 63 degree anomaly and had everyone and their brother outside. Maybe next year.

But if you’d like to see Rayland Baxter in the capital city, luckily you won’t have to wait long into next year. He’ll be back with his crew at The Basement on January 23rd, this time for an indoor show (I’m placing my bet now that Wednesday January 23rd is a gorgeous day). See ya’ll there.