The Weeks and The Lonely Biscuits at Rumba Cafe

Photo: Taylor Marshall

Photo: Taylor Marshall

I was 19 years old, doing freshman things in my dorm room, hours into Kings of Leon’s Pandora radio station when I first heard the song “Buttons” by The Weeks. Cyle Barnes’ vocals, bearing a quality akin to those of Caleb Followill, convinced me I had just stumbled upon some unreleased KOL single I had somehow not heard of. I had not. I had discovered a band that would frequent my headphones for the next eight years and whose songs would become nostalgic tunes woven into so many of my college memories.

With that being said, and considering I had missed their past few Columbus gigs, I was in need of a Weeks fix. To me, their Friday night set at Rumba Cafe was spiritually rejuvenating. An energy was awakened within me that had not been in some time, and by judging the movement of the crowd, I’d say others were feeling a little bit of fire in them as well.

They opened to an almost full house with an old fan favorite “The House That We Grew Up In” from their first album Comeback Cadillac before proceeding to play a well rounded set that drew from the full range of their discography. Their punchy and punky southern rock vibes had everyone’s feet stomping and at the very least had my temples pulsing. Hands were clapping, people were singing along, and Cyle even had a successful out and back crowd surf towards the night’s end. I contracted a case of concert chills and got a great calf workout from jumping up and down for a good portion of the show so it was a winning night for me.

I knew The Weeks were going to be great, but I had no expectations for openers The Lonely Biscuits. Their set was part gritty yet danceable indie rock, part standup comedy. Lead singer Grady Wenrich filled the gaps between songs with dry humor bearing just enough moisture to hit on several levels. They preluded The Weeks perfectly with their movement invoking rock and lighthearted points of conversation. They also gained, at the very least, me as a new fan.

I highly recommend checking out both of the bands if you haven’t already! The Weeks frequently play Columbus (once a year) so you’ll have another chance to catch them. Until then, their first album Comeback Cadillac or their latest release Easy are both good places to start!