5 Of My Most Listened To Albums of 2018

Here are five of my most listened to albums of 2018.

5 of my favorite albums of 2018


Oliver Hazard - 34 N. River

Oliver Hazard came under my radar after the release of last years Bonnaroo lineup, and I’ve seen them three times since. Sonically pleasing and lyrically catchy, their debut album keeps resurfacing in my listening rotation. Boasting a barebones arrangement and buttery vocal harmonization, this folk-pop trio brings forth emotive songs with a lighthearted feel.


Souther - Blume

It was not but a few weeks ago that I started listening to these guys, and I’m kicking myself in the butt for waiting so long to do so. I’m also just getting over the fact that I foolishly waited until the last minute to try getting tickets to the sold out CD 102.5 holiday show for which they were an opener. Blume is emotionally charged, refreshing, and it grooves throughout its entirety. Vocalist Carly Fratianne delivers her purposeful lyrics with a graceful swagger that sits just right in their sonic spectrum. It’s easy to see why they were one of Columbus Alive’s bands to watch of 2018. If you like what you hear, they’re expected to release their first full length album in 2019.


The Lonely Biscuits - The Universe In You

Another band I only recently discovered after seeing them open for The Weeks at The Rumba Cafe, but since then I’ve done a number on their debut full length release. Relatable, down to earth lyrics backed by music reminiscent of 90’s skate rock with a playful feel. Satiating melodies and catchy hooks have had me stuck on this album for the past few weeks, and I won’t likely tire from it anytime soon.


Ruen Brothers - All My Shades of Blue

The last time Oliver Hazard was in town playing a show at Rumba these guys were the openers who were taking the stage just as I arrived. It was like taking a 60 year step back in time upon entering the doors that evening. Rupert and Henry, hailing from Scunthorpe, England, pay homage to the early days when rock & roll was only a child, still finding its place in the world. This album sounds like it was made in 1956 by two guys who were just a little bit ahead of their time. Put a little more wind in the sails of Elvis’s vocals, give rockabilly a little more giddy-up, rub it with a modern polish, and have Rick Ruben produce it; the result, All My Shades of Blue. I left the show with the vinyl which has frequently found itself spinning in my living room. It’s one of those albums that can make an hour disappear. Even though they’re firmly rooted in the past, they’ve grown a branch that reaches further out than those of their predecessors. And come on, just look at that album cover. If you found this is your grandmas garage you wouldn’t question its authenticity.


Mo Lowda & The Humble - Creature

The first word that comes to mind in regards to this second full length album from Mo Lowda is refreshing. The songwriting is distinguished and the sonic quality is the auditory equivalent of wearing silk. Like a cool breeze on a hot day, this album is the new sound I was waiting for to come blowing across my flushed skin. With vocals akin to those of Kings of Leon’s Caleb Followill, they put forth emotionally invested rock that is all at once forceful and vaporous.