The Accidentals: Kicking Off Their Spring Tour in Columbus


For a group who has been on a seemingly endless tour, I was lucky enough to have the chance to speak with them over the phone during the final days of their month-long break before embarking on yet another leg. This time the indie-folk amalgam of a band, The Accidentals, will be kicking off their tour with a stop in Columbus, Ohio. The three are no strangers to Columbus though, having been here numerous times in the recent past.

The originating two members, multi-instrumentalists/vocalists Savannah (Sav) Buist and Katie Larson, met in high school and began making music together after teaming up for an orchestra project. It didn’t take long for them to begin gaining notoriety and for good reason. Their songwriting, which feels almost cinematic in that it tells a story and takes you on a journey, is all the more impressive given their young age. Katie explained that Sav and herself write songs separately before coming together with percussionist Michael Dause to make decisions about the arrangement, the music, and polishing it off.

Title track from their most recent album

The story of how Dause came to be a part of the band is as good as any serendipitous band formation tale. He explained that he was a huge fan prior to ever meeting them. Then in 2013, after playing an open mic set at Bliss Fest in Michigan, The Accidentals had followed on the same stage. After the show, the three met and chatted for a while, but Michael failed to ever mention that he also played drums. Eight months go by before Katie and Sav sent Michael a new song they had been working on which he returned to them with his drum tracks mixed in. One thing led to another and it wasn’t long until he was offered the spot as full-time percussionist, a position he dropped out of college to fill. “My parents were supportive of the decision” he assured me. Who wouldn’t drop out of college to join a band you were already a fan of?

Since then the three have spent nearly all of the past five years touring and writing new music. It’s a dream come true for most aspiring musicians to be able to travel, share their music with the world, and make a living from it in the process. Touring has allowed them to connect with all sorts of people from all over the country, and it’s changed their perspective in many ways, Katie explained. Getting to experience the different cultures, and food, of the places they travel to, was another noted perk. The unpredictable nature of being on the road is something you have to learn how to deal with they went on to say before telling me about their most recent major bump in the road. This past January their gear was lost or presumably stolen while in Tucson, Arizona. Although it was a major bummer, Katie was able to extract some positivity from the mishap by instead focusing on the support they were given from their fans with helping them get back on track.

So what about making music makes this all worth it for them? When asked about their underlying drives and the reason they make music it all, Savannah first mentioned the therapeutic value she gains from it, but their most convincing and seemingly shared reasoning is for the connections they form with others. She called music a “language without words” that allows for a universal connection between people; a statement I couldn’t agree more with. In my opinion, music is the most effective way of communicating emotions, and I don’t think any of the three would argue that.

Their passion to make and share music is obvious because they don’t seem to be taking any breaks from doing it. Already planned for this year is the release of their live album, Live! From Orb Studio in Austin TX, which is to be released sometime this month. They’re also working on another studio album with the help of producers John Congleton (St. Vincent, The Decemberists) and Tucker Martine (Neko Case, Sufjan Stevens, The Decemberists) which they assured me is mostly finished and to be expected for release this fall. I was also assured that we’ll be hearing a good deal of new material this Thursday at Brother’s Drake, along with some favorites. If all that isn’t enough they’ll be touring the east coast through all of April before embarking on their first ever tour overseas in the UK.

When passion, skill, and hard work are all at play, there’s no telling how far one can go. Throw in the fact that all of them play multiple instruments and have a knack for blurring the lines between genres, and you’ll find there isn’t much that can hold them back.

Check these guys out and be sure to catch their show at Brother’s Drake this Thursday because something tells me it’ll be difficult to catch them in a setting this intimate again for a while. Opening up will be Joey Hendrickson and the Sleepless Nights who’re returning from a several year hiatus. Shaping up to be a real crispy evening.

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