Forecastle 2018: Brian's 5 Most Anticipated Sets

It is finally festival season for me! I know a lot of you reading this have already been to a festival this summer, maybe even two! I'm so excited it's finally my chance to see and share some music with you. I have never been to Forecastle and am looking forward to it very much. I have heard nothing but great things about the fest and its layout. I am very excited to share with you some of the bands I am most looking forward to. I hope that this post opens you up to some bands you may not have heard of, or gives you an opportunity to learn some new songs by groups you do know. 


5 most anticipated sets for forecastle 2018


Arcade Fire

My festival experience this year was revolving around this band. I've wanted to see Arcade Fire since I missed out on their concert in Columbus about 4-5 years ago. I have been kicking myself ever since. I knew that if I saw them on a festival line-up, that would be the fest I would go to. When the line-up for Forecastle came out, I saw their name atop the list and knew it was go time. I have listened to this band for what seems like my whole life. I could go on and on with songs I am looking forward to, but I am especially excited because I was a big fan of their new album, Everything Now. The title track from that album has been one of my favorite songs of the past year, and I know it will be a giant dance party as soon as that song starts. 


Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Now I will be completely honest, I do not know much about this band. I know the song, “Fever Pitch” that has been played on CD102.5 and that’s about it. Although I only know this one song, their set is one I am looking forward to the most. The sound in that song is infectious. Every time I hear it, I find myself singing along and wanting to dance (Probably look like a damn fool in my car). Another reason I am looking forward to this would be my friends. It seems as though I was the only one of my friends to miss their show here in Columbus a few months back. I trust my friends’ taste in music, and I am sure this will be a set not to miss.


Ron Gallo 

I remember the first time I heard, “Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me” on the radio. I immediately knew I had to see this artist live. Ron Gallo is an American singer and songwriter that sounds like he should have been born many decades ago. His sound is something that takes me back to the days of Dylan and the Dead. This is another act that I am relying on friends for. I had the opportunity to catch him at Ace of Cups earlier this year, but was too late and couldn’t get a ticket in time. It really bummed me out because the show would have been so intimate and one I would have really been able to enjoy. I am a little bummed I will be seeing him at a festival setting, but it is early in the day on Sunday, so I am hoping I can get up close and personal. 


Vance Joy 

Ever since I first heard “Riptide” I was hooked. I have been listening to Vance Joy since that first song. His music always puts me in a good mood, and I really like the chill sound he has. I missed his concert earlier this summer in Columbus and was really bummed. I have heard great things about his shows and can’t wait to see one for myself. The only thing about his set at Forecastle is that it overlaps with another group I want to get a glimpse of. It will be interesting, but I'm hoping I can catch a solid Vance Joy set before the headlining act on Friday night. 


Hippie Sabotage 

The last band I am most looking forward to would be the duo from Sacramento, CA. The first time I heard these cats was a remix of Tove Lo’s “Stay High.” I already loved the original version (yeah, I said it) and the remix was even better. I remember hearing it for the first time and just really grooving with it. After hearing their remix, I started listening to their SoundCloud and found out that I was really into the kind of electronic music they were producing. These two brothers have really nailed it, and I can’t wait for their set Saturday evening!