Rock Eupora Brings the Grit and the Glam



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Friday May 11th


The Shrunken head


the crashlanders

Kyle duke and the brown bag boys 

colin lima and the stranded arrows




In part one of my music scene analysis, I briefly discussed some of the opportunities that technology presents to today’s up and coming artists. With digital audio technology, artists now have an affordable and realistic means of recording high-quality tracks on their own. Additionally, social media has created avenues for artists to reach fans and market their music for free. With this technology, it’s possible for independent artists who are willing to learn new skill sets to rely more on themselves in their musical endeavors. One artist who is taking advantage of these opportunities is Nashville based Rock Eupora.

Rock Eupora, described as a display of grit rock/shimmering pop by the musical project’s brainchild and multi-instrumentalist Clayton Waller who started the project during his senior year of college. Waller has been writing and recording all of his material out of his home built recording studio ever since. Even more impressive is the fact that he played every instrument for the recording of his two full-length albums Blanks and Soon the Sun Will Come. 

Both albums offer up a hard-hitting fusion of rock and power pop that ranges between moments of atmospheric bliss and turbulent grit. His relatable and honest lyrics run atop sparkling guitar melodies and powerful basslines making for a mixture that is both heartfelt and fun. And I'd be damned if I said it wasn't catchy as hell.

For many groups, the songwriting process usually involves building off of each other's ideas and working together to achieve a result that best portrays the intended message and feel of the song. For a lone artist to write songs in their entirety though, they must have a rather clear idea of what they're going for. The resulting works of Rock Eupora make it evident that Waller has a keen ability to envision the song he aims to create. His lyrics have no lack of meaningful content and the accompanying music is both tasteful and effective. Although there are recognizable elements of the genres he draws from, his music is unique in the way he blends it all together. With no overpowering characteristics, his music allows you to feel the glam and the grit simultaneously. It's fun yet thoughtful, fuzzy yet soothing, it's loving yet it doesn't care about how you feel. 

Songwriting aside, Waller also manages to impress in other regards. Recording is a complex art form in and of itself that requires a multifaceted skill set. There are a vast number of concepts and tools that one must not only understand but also be effective in deploying in order to capture the sound they desire. The quality of both albums from Waller are indistinguishable from professionally recorded material in my opinion. To be clear, I should note that he did utilize professional mixing and mastering engineers for the post-recording process of making these albums. Creating a solid mix though requires good sounding tracks which Waller was able to provide.

As I've mentioned, one of my goals as a writer for this site is to shed light on those who are doing things differently and creating their own avenues towards success. I want to help spread the idea (and fact) that artists are no longer limited in ways they once were. Once was a day where you needed million dollar studios to record worthy tracks for an album. We now have the capability to do this in our own homes with a reasonable budget and the willingness to learn how. Waller is an example of someone who is doing just that which is why I have a high degree of respect for him. Not to mention I genuinely dig the music he makes. 

During live performances, Rock Eupora is comprised of a full band with Waller on guitar and vocals. It just so happens to be that they'll be dishing out some decibels next Friday (May 11th) at The Shrunken Head in support of Columbus's very own The Crashlanders. So instead of taking my word for it, see for yourself. If you can't make it at least check them out! His music is available to stream or purchase on his website. If you dig it, I'm sure they'll be back in the 614 sooner than later.