Columbus Garage Rockers Betsy Ross Kick Up Some Serious Dust



The other day when I was doing my weekly perusal of upcoming shows I found myself on the Bandcamp page of Columbus garage rockers Besty Ross. I was two songs in when my restless leg syndrome developed into a more widespread shaking of my entire body (in this context that's a good thing). The rambunctious and fun garage punks pack some serious punch that persists throughout the duration of their high octane first album Dead Wild

I'm a sucker for the rowdy, no cares given, make you wanna kick up some dust attitude they pour out of their music. Vocalist/rhythm guitarist Charity Crowe fluctuates between eloquent beauty and aggressive rawness with great affect as she empties her angst over guitar melodies that evolve into walls of reverberated gain. The tone of her voice is honest and powerful, occasionally being pushed to the brink of guttural distortion bringing relief to the building angst which falls and rises with the music.  

Bass player Sky Crowe takes the steering wheel with his grooving bass melodies that dictate the direction and pace of the song filling the role of a lead guitar which the trio has opted out of. His bass lines are full of movement complimenting the frequency rich atmosphere created by Charity's guitar. Drummer Dave Wegner drives it all forward with dense rhythms and tasteful fills.

Nothing is lacking from this trio who have an apparent chemistry amongst them. For a first album they have an impressively cohesive sound. To me it seems like they knew what they were going for and succeeded in capturing it. So if you haven't already, I'd highly recommend putting these guys on your radar.