The Vindys Returning to Columbus

Photo:  Leslie Davis/Cusano Photography

Photo:  Leslie Davis/Cusano Photography

by Kyle Jones


For the first Patchbay post it only felt right to tip my hat off to some undeniably talented artists from my neck of the woods. Youngstown's very own, The Vindys have been brewing up a unique sonic stew suiting the taste of a wide range of palates. The Vindys stir up a well proportioned blend of rock, jazz, pop and funk, toss in a generous heap of soul, and bring it all up to a fine simmer. Salt and peppered to taste. Vocalist Jackie Popovec's subtle rasp brings all the warmth but ditches the harshness as she sings with power and finesse. 

Since forming in 2013 The Vindys have honed in on their sound and have quickly established a local fanbase. They've become highly influential in the revival and growth of Youngstown's music scene. Frequently touring cities such as Youngstown, Cleveland, Akron and Columbus, the band has allured to audiences of all ages and musical tastes across the region. 

The quintet of trained musicians put forth their first full length album Keep Going last year as a follow up to their Red Wine EP, both of which sound well polished and sonically embracing. Keep Going's first track “Save Me” comes in with bouncing keys soon accompanied by funky guitar and uplifting brass giving you your first glimpse of their multi-genre discipline.

Bass player Scott Boyer keeps the music driving on the two spot track “Chasin” where it becomes apparent (if it hasn't already) that these guys are professional musicians who are at the helm of their creative potential. Jackie Popovec's emotionally charged vocals ride atop of Petty-esque guitar and Ed Davis's splashing cymbals displaying some of their closer leanings towards blues rock.

“Bang” was the first song of theirs I heard and also the one that perked my ears enticing me to further delve into their discography. The up beat guitar riff with accompanying horns goes down too easily leaving you to find yourself humming its melody hours later. The acoustic version from the Red Wine EP displays Popvec's ability to make scarce arrangements sound warm and full as she lays it all out on the line over the twang of acoustic strings that soon descend into a real foot stomper of a solo dealt out by guitar player John Anthony.

Seductive and sultry “Red Wine” presents with undeniable swagger as horns come in and out of the spotlight above a sway inducing bass line. Big sounding “Too Long” closes out the album with a display of guitars that hit you at chest level and a wailing solo leaving you in a state of anticipation in regard to what they'll lay down on their sophomore album.

The production and recording quality of this first effort, self released album is outstanding. With that being said though, they don't rely on editing or a slew of effects to polish up their performance. I was lucky enough to catch their set during the 2017 Federal Frenzy music festival, a Youngstown based event showcasing both local and national talent (Judah and the Lion and Welshly Arms being the headliners last year). Their live performance is precise, energetic, and of equally high quality as their recorded material. The Vindys stage presence and improvisational breaks make it clear that they're performers who create music for the live experience. Their recorded work is just a high quality snapshot of it. 

The best part of all this? Clear your schedule for Friday, May 11th as these guys will be taking the stage at The Rumba Cafe in support of blues artist and Massillon, Ohio native Patrick Sweany who will be releasing his new album Ancient Noise that day (another artist who's live performance is something to behold). 

The Vindys are truly something special and I would not be the least bit surprised to see these guys touring on the national level in the near future. I love when a group of artists are able to make something cohesive out of their diverse musical tastes and I look forward to seeing what they do next as they move forward with their promising careers as musicians.