Craft & Vinyl


The Venue

Craft & Vinyl popped up in the Grandview area in 2018 and has since become a great spot to catch a variety of music. C&V is unique in that it’s a music venue, record store, bar, and recording studio all in one. You can also rent the space out for band practice. The venue has a cozy set up with couches and tables in the viewing area, but there is plenty of standing room for shows that draw a larger crowd.

Craft & Vinyl is a great place to catch up and coming bands from the area and experience an eclectic lineup in a single evening. They typically book 3-5 bands in an evening all of which play a 40-60 minute set depending on the number of bands. The door cover is usually $5-$10 making it a good spot to stop in on a whim to catch a few hours of live music on the low. Packing the lineup with five bands allows for you to experience a variety of artists in a single night and quite possibly discover your new favorite local act. In between sets you can browse their selection of records. They usually have a decent collection of rarer records too (e.g. original Beatles pressings). The bar has a rotating selection of four craft drafts as well as tall boy cans of your typical domestics.

Songwriter’s Recording Suite

Songwriter’s Recording Suite

The small studio is songwriter’s recording suite that’s tucked into a room beside the bar and boasts a selection of guitars, electric drum kit, computer, and studio monitors. It’s a “direct line in” studio meaning there are no microphones. You can choose to record on your own or have them bring in an engineer to assist you. Their rates are affordable making it a good place to record tracks for pre-production or demos. You can find their rates and studio booking info here.


To book a gig here you’ll want to fill out their submission form which you can access via the button below. It wouldn't hurt to reach out to them via Facebook too.

The way they run gigs is a bit different. Each band will need to pick up tickets from the venue which they’re free to sell for whatever price they’d like (usually $10 is suggested). Bands keep 100% of the dough from the tickets they sell and all bands split the money collected at the door.

Contact Info


Contact Page


Sunday & Monday

Closed During Summer (same as Tue/Wed during Fall - Spring

Tuesday & Wednesday 

1PM to 7PM


1PM to 10PM - Live Music Night

Friday & Saturday

1PM to 11PM - Live Music Night


They host shows Thursday - Saturday. Doors open at 7PM and music typically runs from 7:45PM - 11:30/12PM. They typically host 3-5 bands a night giving each a 40-60 min set depending on the number of bands. Tickets are available at the door.

Additional Info

Parking: There is free parking behind the building and a good amount of street parking is available near the venue.

It’s a 21+ venue Thursday - Saturday when they host live music.