About US

Patchbay: an audio device or unit featuring a number of inputs and outputs used to route signals for processing, monitoring, and interconnecting in a flexible manner.

Our Purpose: We're just a couple of folks who love music and the connections it creates between us and it, and you and us, and you with each other. Our goal is to create a platform for sharing ideas and starting conversations about relevant artists, events and happenings within the Columbus music scene and beyond. Our hope is that by spreading awareness we can help create connections within our music community and partake in further establishing a culture that supports local and independent artists. 

We also want to become a central hub to learn more about what the Columbus music scene has to offer. With an ever growing directory of artists and venues we hope The Patchbay becomes a place for fans to discover their next favorite band or venue. We also strive to create a platform that allows for artists to easily discover venues, studios, and resources available to them in central Ohio.

If you discover a new artist, attend a show you otherwise wouldn't have, or are introduced to a thought provoking idea because of something you read on here, then we did what we set out to do. 

A culture of independence within the arts is on the rise. Join us in supporting local independent artists and creating a culture of artistic appreciation.  


Kyle Jones   Founder and Writer

Kyle Jones

Founder and Writer

Brian Stalter   Music Enthusiast and Writer

Brian Stalter

Music Enthusiast and Writer