Artist Directory

One of our goals at The Patchbay is to help build connections between artists and fans, and to facilitate collaboration between artists. To achieve this goal we wanted to try something new so we’re creating an artist directory. Our hope is to build an ever growing collection of artist profiles allowing one to easily browse the many artists of Columbus in one easy to navigate location.

For Fans: This section is intended for fans to discover new artists by allowing them to easily browse artist profiles where they can learn about who artists are, listen to their tunes, and see their upcoming shows.

For Artists: This section is also intended to benefit artists by giving them a place to create a profile and share everything they want fans to know about them. It’s also a place for artists to connect with other artists to perhaps book a gig together, collaborate on a song, share information, or simply become friends. I’ve fallen in love with the collaborative nature of the Columbus music scene. My hope is to help facilitate collaborations creating a convenient place for artists to discover one another and connect with them.

For Venues/Booking Agents: Lastly, this directory is a place for venues to discover artists who may fit a bill they’re trying to put together and stay up to date with emerging artists in the capital city.

Artist Profile Submissions

To have a profile created for you or your band, all you have to do is fill out the form below and we’ll get to creating your profile as soon as possible. We’ll create a profile for anyone who’s interested and completes the form. We’ll send it over for you to review before putting it up, and you can always contact us about making changes or removing your profile. We’re excited about this feature and hope you are too!

After submitting the form, we’ll contact you about sending us photos or videos to be included on your profile. You can also send us the code to embed your Bandsintown or Songkick schedule to your profile. Thanks!