ace of cups

Photo by Rachael Barbash

Photo by Rachael Barbash

The Venue

Ace of Cups is a small to medium sized venue and bar sitting on High Street just north of Hudson. It’s my go-to place for stoner metal and all things fuzzy, but they do book artists from a variety of other genres (mostly in the rock realm) as well as themed dance parties. They do well in keeping their events calendar smothered with notable mid-level nationally touring acts and local favorites, and for a fair price too. You can swing by every Sunday night at 10PM for their Excess Karaoke too if that’s your thing.

I’ve always enjoyed the dimly lit, free-flowing atmosphere of the place. The stage, backdropped with red felt curtains, is tucked in the corner of the spacious high ceilinged viewing area. The bar occupies the opposite corner of the room giving you easy access to their craft beer and comprehensive liquor selection. The drinks are fairly priced and they always have some $3-$4, 16oz, fresh from the can beer options. I personally have never waited for more than a few minutes for service at the bar, even at sold-out shows. Service is great, and the staff is just as chill as those who frequent the venue.

The cornered stage, hardwood floors, and high ceilings provide an ideal acoustic environment which can sometimes be difficult to come by in smaller venues. Even during sold-out events, there’s some wiggle room and a manageable view of the stage. The massive patio out back is the place to go between sets to mingle and catch a few fresh breaths. They also have an upstairs balcony with some arcade games. Or so I hear..never been up there actually.

The crowd is typically composed of easy-going, college to post-college aged ladies and lads. The crowd is always friendly, but they aren’t afraid to fidget when the music begins to swell. Even at metal shows, where things can get pretty rowdy, the crowd remains respectful towards their fellow patrons.

Tickets for their events can be purchased through the event page on their site when advance tickets are available. They stop selling online tickets 24 hours before the event, but you can also exchange cash for a stub with the doorman. You can typically expect the airwaves to start moving around 8-9 and end at 12ish. When in doubt, head over to their Facebook event's page to find the door time. Music will start an hour after that.

Parking is available in the lot bordering the north side of the building, but you’ll likely have better luck finding one of the many street spots around. Pay close attention to the signs though, as there are areas where parking is not permitted.

To sum it all up - this is an awesome venue to catch great sounding shows spanning a multitude of genres, all in a comfortable and energetic atmosphere with great service and fair drink prices. It’s been one of my more frequented venues as of lately, and if you happen to make your way over there, you’ll see why.


If you’re an artist looking to book a show you can inquire about doing so at

Archie Fox Live does a good deal of the booking for Ace of Cups so you may have better luck getting a gig here through them. Head over to their website here.

Contact Info

Phone: 614-262-6001




Mon: Closed

Tue - Thur: 4PM - 1AM

Fri - Sun: 12PM - 2AM


Show nights vary with Thursday - Saturday being the most popular nights. Tickets are available on the Ace of Cups website for shows with advance tickets available. Tickets can also be bought at the door. Music typically begins one hour after the posted door time which can typically be found on their Facebook event page.


A little bit of everything. Notably more metal and heavier rock shows than other venues.

Additional Info

Capacity: 200

Parking: parking is available in the lot directly to the north of the building as well as on the street.


Full bar, patio, balcony